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Vitamin D is essential for all humans to be healthy and happy. It is a critical hormone that your body synthesizes naturally upon exposure to the sun. The process involved is highly regulated using the body’s own feedback mechanisms, preventing any risk of vitamin D toxicity. SOLIUS triggers that natural process by isolating the specific spectrum of sunlight that stimulates the production of vitamin D, without the damaging rays emitted by the sun. Scroll down to read more about the importance of vitamin D.

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SOLIUS is a self-service kiosk now available at these locations:

BioPro Biologics Pharmacy
845 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1J9, Canada 

Wellness Garage
15165 Russell Avenue, White Rock, BC V4B 2P4

Vitamin D and the Human Body

Vitamin D is not a vitamin. Rather, it is a hormone produced by the skin as it is exposed to sunlight. A significant amount of the human genome is regulated by vitamin D. Vitamin D receptors are located in nearly every cell and tissue in the body. Like many hormones, it has profound effects on systemic health and wellness, from mood disorders to the common cold. Research over the last few decades has linked vitamin D insufficiency to several serious and chronic health problems including autoimmune, neurological, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular disease, hypertension, metabolic syndromes and common cancers. It is estimated that 77% of the global population has low levels of vitamin D.

SOLIUS and Vitamin D Production

At SOLIUS we have isolated that very specific beneficial spectrum of the sun’s energy and packaged it into a user-friendly device, prioritizing the patient experience, accessibility, and affordability. The foundation of SOLIUS (the device and the company) is our light science. We work with world class doctors and scientists to ensure that our product meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy. SOLIUS stimulates the production of 10x more vitamin D than the sun with 100x less energy. 

We Built SOLIUS For You

Life is busy and we get that. In order to help prioritize your health, we’ve streamlined the process and created a mobile application that allows you to add yourself to the waitlist for any nearby SOLIUS. Once a week, head to your local SOLIUS, step into the device, close and lock the door, engage with an easy to use touchscreen monitor, and escape for a few minutes while your body absorbs some necessary light. 

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